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Joseph Smith The Spiritualist

Written by: Branch, Rick    Posted on: 04/29/2003

Category: Cults / Sects / Non Christian Religions and Topics

Source: CCN

Joseph Smith The Spiritualist Rick Branch Arlington, Texas

In the Deseret News, owned and operated by the Mormon Church, the following article appeared.

"Joseph Smith is claimed by many spiritualists to have been a powerful medium; and the Latter-day Saints are considered by most of them as a people who are inspired.

"Our lady correspondent (referring to a previous article in the Deseret News) in private conversation speaks of the Prophet as a very advanced medium.

"Let it be granted that Joseph was a medium, it follows that revelations through him ought to be entitled to as much weight as those through any other medium, and, indeed far greater weight, for his revelations come from Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost; and we know of no Spiritualists who claim so high an authority as this for their revelations.

"But Joseph was more than a medium....

"His authority was infinitely higher than that claimed by the most advanced mediums among the Spiritaulists (sic), and the results which have followed his revelations have been as far in advance of those which have followed theirs as his priesthood and authority are superior to theirs," (parentheses added for clarity).

The above lengthy statement appears in the January 19, 1870 issue which was edited by George Q. Cannon, an apostle in the Mormon Church since August 1860.

If, indeed, Joseph Smith dabbled in the practices commonly associated with a medium, could he honestly be a prophet called of God?

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