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An Invitation to join Family Radio's School

Written by: Otero, Dr. Gabriel    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

PER:An invitation to join Family Radio's School

On behalf of the board of directors, faculty, and staff of Family Radio School of the Bible (FRSB), I am pleased to extend to you a three-fold invitation.

We invite you to learn about our correspondence school though the pages of this catalog. It contains basic information about our curriculum, its biblical foundation, and its evangelistic emphasis.

You may study for two years as a degree candidate or for one year in our Bible certificate program or for any number of years in our spiritual enrichment program.

We invite you to share in the goal of our school, which is to prepare workers in the Word of God for the gathering and growth of Christ's church.

Academic excellence, curricular specialization, and goal directed training flourish at FRSB, dominated by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

We invite you to study with us.

Happily Serving Him,

Dr. Gabriel Otero, Dean


FRSB is a private school in compliance with Law #94303b of the State of California. As a non-profit institution the school is limited to the teaching of God's Word in accordance with the statement of faith of Family Stations, Inc. Family Stations, Inc. is registered as a non-profit organization in the State of

California this allows FRSB to work within the structure of its corporation laws.

Our school offers three study programs: a two-year curriculum, a one-year curriculum, and individual course study. All of our courses focus on Bible and Missionary topics. Our courses provide academic training that will enable students to effectively study the Word of God.

FRSB is primarily a correspondence school. All courses are conducted by mail.

FRSB is not an accredited school. However, credits for our classes may be accepted by liberal arts, community, Bible, and other colleges. To transfer credits, the student must arrange and secure the transfer with the school he desires to attend. FRSB is not responsible for the acceptance or rejection of credits.

We urge you to study your needs carefully, and that you give prayerful thought to making an application for admission to FRSB. We regard studying with our school not as a right, but a privilege offered not only by the board of directors, but also the sacrifice of those who faithfully support Family Stations, Inc.


FRSB offers biblical studies for God's people. Our interest is to train men and women to serve on the front lines of church and missions...for Christ's glory. That is what FRSB is all about--a Bible school where dedicated Christians are molded into effective witnesses and workers for God.

Our school is unique. It is one of the few schools in the United States which is structured upon the infallible Word of God, as interpreted by itself, comparing Scripture with Scripture.

It is our desire to give Christians the needed biblical knowledge and skills for effective service in evangelism through church or missions, and for effective Christian witness in all areas of life.

Our function is to provide students with a firm foundation of biblical knowledge. We present the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Word of God, interpreted by comparative research, using the Bible as the sole source of truth.

Beyond our courses, we attempt to help our students grow spiritually through chapel services, Day in the Word seminars, and summer Bible conferences. The school covets for all its students a right personal relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, and a capacity for meaningful relations with other persons.

In accordance with our articles of incorporation, FRSB provides systematic teaching and training for:

1) Lay people who desire to grow in the Word of God.

2) Lay workers in various church activities.

3) Continuing education of Pastors.

4) Equipping believers spiritually as well as intellectually.

The men and women who teach at FRSB have a warm-hearted commitment to Christ, specialized academic qualifications, and a deep interest in the expansion of the Word of God. Some are pastors and others have experience as missionaries and teachers in various parts of the world.


We do affirm and declare our belief in the Christian faith and do set forth the following:

The Bible, as the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God.

The Triune Godhead, in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as sovereign Creator and ruler of the universe.

The personality of Satan, and his present control over unregenerate man.

The fall and lost condition of man, whose total depravity makes necessary his new birth

The deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, death, bodily resurrection, present exaltation at God's right hand, and His coming again.

The reconciliation of man to God by the substitutionary death and shed blood of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

The resurrection of the saved unto everlasting life and blessedness in Heaven, and the resurrection of the unsaved unto everlasting punishment in Hell.

The Church, the indivisible Body of Christ, bound together by the Holy Spirit, consisting only of those who are born again, for whom He now makes intercession in Heaven, and for whom He shall come again.

Christ's great commission to the Church to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing and teaching those who believe.


The two-year course of study leading to the Associate of Religious Education degree is designed as a basic educational preparation for Christians in anticipation of their service in their local church or on the mission field. In order to earn the A.R.E. degree a student must satisfactorily complete (2.0 grade or higher) 63 semester units in the following manner:

(ENT) English New Testament 24 units

(EOT) English Old Testament 9 units

(LS) Language Studies 6 units

(PBT) Practical Biblical Theology 12 units

(THE) Theology 12 units ________

63 units


Semester 1: 11 Units

ENT 112: The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 1-8 (3)

ENT 142: I Corinthians, Ch. 1-8 (3)

PBT 101: Practical Biblical Theology:

The Christian Character (3)

THE 100: The Doctrines of Grace (2)

Semester 2: 11 Units

ENT 113: The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 9-16 (3)

ENT 143: I Corinthians, Ch. 9-16 (3)

PBT 102: Christian Growth (3)

THE 101: Principles of Bible Study (2)

Semester 3: 10.5 Units

ENT 100: New Testament Survey (3)

EOT 160: Hosea (3)

LS 101 a,b: Elementary Greek (1.5)

PBT 103: Christian Conflicts (3)


Semester 4: 9.5 Units

EOT 100: Old Testament Survey (3)

LS 101 c: Elementary Greek (1.5)

PBT 104: Christian Behavior (3)

THE 112: The Timing of Christ's Coming (2) Semester 5: 10.5 Units

EOT 101: Old Testament Survey (3)

ENT 140: Romans Ch. 1-9 (3)

LS 120 a: Elementary Hebrew (1.5)

THE 110: Israel in Prophecy (3)

Semester 6: 10.5 Units

ENT 141: Romans 10-16 (3)

ENT 144: Galatians (3)

LS 120 b: Elementary Hebrew (1.5)

THE 111: Israel in Prophecy (3)

The numbers enclosed in () indicate semester units.


APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION: All students applying to FRSB must complete the application provided by FRSB. All students applying for the Associate in Religious Education degree or Bible

Certificate Program must provide a high school transcript or equivalent. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is not required.

Students who are in the Spiritual Enrichment Program need not send their high school transcripts. If a student who is enrolled in the Spiritual Enrichment Program later wishes to enter the degree program or Bible Certificate Program, he must furnish his high school transcripts.

CHRISTIAN CHARACTER: Those applying to FRSB will be expected to have high Christian ideals and to desire a mature Christian character. The school welcomes such students and encourages them in God's Church and Kingdom. Students should regard their talents as gifts from God which must be developed through diligent study.

FEES: The tuition at FRSB is free and follows the purpose of Family Stations, Inc. as a non-profit organization: the Lord said it best, "...freely you have received [the Gospel] freely give" (Mt. 10:8). Correspondence students will receive study booklets, tapes, and academic counseling by mail, free of charge. FRSB does encourage its students and friends to give generously to the ministry of Family Stations, Inc., so that the work of the school can continue.

TRANSFERRED CREDITS: FRSB will not require the transfer of credits from other schools. However, if a student is pursuing the Associate of Religious Education degree, FRSB requires that he take all of our required courses even if he has taken comparable courses in other institutions. The only exception to this is if comparable language studies were taken.


FRSB offers three correspondence programs of study. The first is an Associate of Religious Education Degree program (A.R.E.) which is a two year course of study. Upon completion of the requirements the student will be granted an A.R.E. degree and diploma.

The second study program is our Bible Certificate Program. This program includes many of the same courses as the A.R.E. degree program, but is limited to one year of study. The students will receive a Bible certificate upon successful complete of the required curriculum.

The third study program is our Spiritual Enrichment Program. In this program students will be able to study any of our courses. A course certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course or series.


Purpose: The purpose of the two-year correspondence degree program is to give our students a good understanding of the Scriptures. Through the Old and New Testament survey courses the students will be familiarized with the Bible as a whole. Specific book studies such as Hosea, Mark, I Corinthians, Romans, and Galatians will help the students to understand the ministry of Christ and the Church. The curriculum also deals with many important theological issues such as: the authority of God's Word, salvation, and eschatology; issues that are extremely important in the Christian life.

In the first semester, students will study the doctrines of grace which will focus on the nature and meaning of salvation. In semesters 1-4, the student will study the Practical Biblical Theology series from which they will gain valuable insights in living the Christian life on a day-by-day basis. In the second semester, students will study principles of Bible study which will give them a systematic approach to unlocking the Scriptures. In semesters 3-6 students will be exposed to the original biblical languages which will help them in their Bible study.

In the final two semesters students will study Israel in Prophecy, a course which will help them to understand eschatology.

This program is well rounded, intended to give each student a firm biblical foundation and most importantly to teach them how to search the Scriptures.

After satisfactory completion (2.0 grade or higher) of the 63 units required for the program the student will be granted an Associate of Arts in Religious Education degree.


This is a special program in which students can study with us for one year and receive a Bible certificate upon satisfactory completion (2.0 grade or higher) of the required curriculum. Please refer to the curriculum for the Bible Certificate Program for more information.


In this program, students may enroll in any of the courses offered in the A.R.E. degree program, but do not have to complete them all or in the sequence of the degree program. This allows the student to select those courses which are of most interest to him. In this course of study, a student may not enroll in more than two courses at a time. A certificate of completion will be issued upon satisfactory completion (2.0 grade or higher) of the course. If the student later decides to enroll in the degree program any completed courses will be credited toward his degree.


Since we are a correspondence school, we are not limited to an academic calendar. A student may apply to the school at any time and if accepted will be able to begin his studies immediately. The school is set up on the semester system, therefore each student who is enrolled in the degree program will be given three months to complete each semester of study. When a student has completed his work for the semester, he will be given a one month break before his next semester's studies will begin.


For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area there is a special opportunity. Mrs. Raquel Otero teaches Spanish language classes which are geared to preparing people to learn Spanish for missionary purposes either overseas or at home. Please call the school at (415) 568-6200, ext. 220, for more information about these courses.


The one-year Bible Certificate program is designed similarly to the degree program to help believers minister more effectively in their churches. In order to earn the Bible Certificate a student must satisfactorily complete (2.0 grade or higher) 39 units in the following manner:

(ENT) English New Testament 15 units

(EOT) English Old Testament 6 units

(LS) Language Studies 6 units

(PBT) Practical Biblical Theology 12 units


39 units

Quarter 1:

PBT 101: Practical Biblical Theology:

The Christian Character (3)

ENT 112: The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 1-8 (3)

EOT 160: Hosea (3)

LS 101 a,b: Elementary Greek (1.5)

Quarter 2:

PBT 102: Christian Growth (3)

ENT 113: The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 9-16 (3)

ENT 142: I Corinthians, Ch. 1-8 (3)

LS 101 b,c: Elementary Greek (1.5)

Quarter 3:

PBT 103: Christian Conflicts (3)

ENT 100: New Testament Survey (3)

ENT 143: I Corinthians, Ch. 9-16 (3)

LS 120 a: Elementary Hebrew (1.5)

Quarter 4:

PBT 104: Christian Behavior (3)

EOT 100: Old Testament Survey (3)

LS 120 b: Elementary Hebrew (1.5)

The numbers enclosed in () indicate units.



EOT 100,101 Old Testament Survey (3,3)

An overview of all the Old Testament books emphasizing God's plan of redemption.

EOT 160: Hosea (3)

An in-depth study of the book of Hosea focusing on the prophet and his ministry during one of the darkest periods of the nation of Israel. Great emphasis is placed on Hosea's particular message to Israel.


ENT 100 New Testament Survey (3)

An overview of all of the New Testament books with an emphasis placed on Christ as the key of the Scriptures.

ENT 112,113 The Gospel of Mark (3,3)

A fascinating study of the life of the Lord as He intermingles with the pious and profane, proclaiming His kingdom. In particular the course focuses in on the parables of the Lord, which He used to unveil the secrets of Heaven.

ENT 140,141 The Epistle to the Romans (3,3)

What is God's will for all mankind? What is God's will for me? These are the big questions answered in this epistle. This course examines these questions in light of the righteousness of God.

ENT 142,143 The First Epistle to the Corinthians (3,3)

Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and Mammon." This epistle examines the serious conflict between the spiritual and the material, especially in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ENT 144 Galatians (3)

Focuses extensively on the issues of Law and Grace. What is the purpose of the Law? How does it relate to the Gospel of Grace? How do these issues relate to our churches today? These questions will be dealt with in this study.



LS 101, 102 Elementary New Testament Greek (3,3)

A beginning study of the language of the New Testament. An emphasis is placed on learning Greek grammar and vocabulary.

LS 201, 202: Intermediate New Testament Greek (3,3)

An Intermediate Study of the Greek language with a continued emphasis on learning Greek grammar and vocabulary. Students will be required to translate portions of the New Testament.

Prerequisite: LS 102.


LS 120 Elementary Hebrew (3)

An introduction into the Hebrew language learning its alphabet, phonology, grammar, and vocabulary in order to prepare the student for beginning translation work.


LS 110: Elementary Spanish (3) *

Course includes review and development of grammatical concepts as taught in beginning Spanish as well as further practice in reading and writing.

LS 111: Elementary Spanish (3) *

This course is designed to increase vocabulary and to improve listening comprehension, pronunciation accuracy, grammar control, and reading skills. Prerequisite: LS 110.

LS 112: Intermediate Spanish (3) *

Development of grammatical concepts taught in LS 110 and LS 111. Course is designed to develop control of oral communication skills at an advanced level by practicing conversation and presentations in class. There will be some reading and writing exercises. Prerequisite: LS 111.

LS 113: Spanish Cultural Studies (3) *

A study of Hispanic culture from its origins until modern times. This course will examine the structures and values of Hispanic people through cultural expression, literature, and visual arts. Prerequisite: LS 112.

* Classes are not available through correspondence.


PBT 101 Christian Character (3)

A study of how Christian Character is developed through the disciplines of humility, love, purity, integrity, generosity, and constancy.

PBT 102 Christian Growth (3)

This course deals with Christian growth in the midst of personal conflict, confrontation, and difficult life circumstances. Prerequisite: PBT 101.

PBT 103 Christian Conflicts (3)

A study of the major sources of conflict in the Christian life: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Prerequisite: PBT 102.

PBT 104 Christian Behavior (3)

A revealing study of the Beatitudes as a guideline for Christian behavior. Prerequisite: PBT 103.


THE 100 Doctrines of Grace (2)

This course looks at the central doctrines of Christian faith: man's rebellion against God, the consequences of sin, God's salvation plan, and the question of man's responsibility verses God's sovereignty.

THE 101 Principles of Bible Study (2)

Analyzing the three main principles of Bible study: its authority, interpretation, and parabolic language. This course is essential for proper Bible study.

THE 110,111 Israel in Prophecy (3,3)

What is the future of the nation of Israel? Does God owe them any future blessings? Does the return of national Israel to its land in 1948 relate to biblical promises? These and other questions will be examined in this course.

THE 112 The Timing of the Rapture (2)

A study of seven scriptural passages which teach the timing of Christ's return.

Family Radio School of the Bible (FRSB) presents the Layman's Home Bible Study Program. This is a program designed for laymen to help equip them for the work of the ministry. Perhaps you have felt the need of taking some Bible courses to help you as you minister at your church, on the job, or at home; but because of time considerations or finances, you have never been able to fulfill this need.



Family Radio School of the Bible was founded with you in mind. For many years FRSB has produced courses with the layman and the busy professional in mind. We are now able to offer these courses tuition-free.

We have designed these Bible courses to be studied at home and at your own pace. These courses will enable you to be better prepared to fulfill the Great Commission.


Each course will require three to five hours of your time per week. We ask that you set aside specific times during the week in order that your learning experience may be more profitable.


After sending in your registration form, you will be enrolled in the class. FRSB will then send you your first lesson with complete instructions and your assignment. Your will be given a deadline for completion of your assignment. When the assignment is returned to us, it will be corrected and returned with your next lesson.


You will receive a grade upon completion of the course. The grading method for the course will be explained in your first lesson packet.

The correspondence courses we are currently offering are:


This is a study of the Greek language used in the Greek New Testament. This study will enable you to use your English Bible with greater skill and authority as you learn to discern the meaning of Greek words and phrases.

Dr. Gabriel Otero, Instructor


This is a study of contemporary issues of life, such as resolving personal conflicts, handling confrontation and dealing with stress. These and other problems can be dealt with by using biblical principles. This course will also help you to learn to discern the will of God in different situations of your life.

Dr. Gabriel Otero, Instructor


Hosea prophesied 800 years before Christ. His life extended over the darkest period of the entire history of Israel. In the midst of this Hosea stood as a beacon of truth, extending an offer of salvation to anyone who would repent. This study is very timely for today's believers.

Mr. Joseph Jacowitz, Instructor

Mr. Jacowitz is an ordained Baptist minister and is a graduate of San Jose Bible College.


A fascinating study of the life of the Lord as He intermingles with the pious and profane, proclaiming His Kingdom. In particular the course focuses in on the parables of the Lord, which He used to unveil the secrets of Heaven.

Mr. Anthony burch, Instructor

Mr. Burch is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. He has served for thirteen years as a home missionary to college students.

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