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Keys to Revelation - Chapter 16

Written by: Capoccia, Tony    Posted on: 05/12/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                        Keys to Revelation - Chapter 16

Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (C) 1978 by the New York International Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

          BIBLE TEXT                                  COMMENTARY

REV 16:1  Then I heard a loud voice      [the temple] - The tabernacle of    from the temple saying to the seven      Testimony.  In the OT it was called  angels, "Go, pour out the seven          the "tent of the testimony" and      bowls of God's wrath on the earth."      contained the ark with the stone                                              tablets from Sinai (NUM 17:7; 18:2;                                            EXO 32:15; DEU 10:5).  It was the                                              place where God met with man.       

                                          This earthly temple was modeled after                                           a heavenly tabernacle where God                                                dwelled. In this verse, it represents                                           the very presence of God in Heaven.

                                          [seven angels] - In REV 15:1 these                                           seven angels were identified as the                                           seven angels with the seven last                                           plagues.  They bring God's final                                           phase of judgment to a close.

                                          [bowls] - In REV 5:8 there were                                                golden bowls filled with incense                                              which represented the prayers of the                                           saints.  God now answers these prayer                                           requests, for judgment upon sin and                                            "His Kingdom Come" by filling golden                                           bowls full of His wrath.           

REV 16:2  The first angel went and        [poured on the land] - The Apostle poured out his bowl on the land,          John sees the first angel tip his and ugly and painful sores broke          bowl and pour its contents on the out on the people who had the mark        land (vice the sea REV 16:3). of the beast and worshiped his            image.                                    [sores] - This is a very similar                                           plague to the one God caused to fall                                           upon the Egyptians in EXO 9:9-11,                                           where festering boils broke out. The                                           Christians alive at this point in the                                           Tribulation Period are exempt from                                           being "marked" by the boils because                                           they refused the mark of the beast                                           (see REV 13:16).

                                          It is interesting to note that many                                           countries presently have canisters                                           and missiles loaded with Chemical                                           Agents which will cause painful                                           blisters to appear on mankind. They                                           are intended for use on the enemy in                                           a time of war.  God may actually use                                           man's chemical weapons to effect His                                           purposes.

REV 16:3  The second angel poured        [on the sea] - This judgment is upon out his bowl on the sea, and it          the waters of the sea. turned into blood like that of a        dead man, and every living thing in      [blood like...a dead man] - This is the sea died.                            not like the bright red blood that                                           appears from a fresh cut on the skin,                                           rather, it is the coagulated and                                           rotting blood of a dead man.

                                          [every living thing...died] - Because                                           of the blood all the creatures of the                                           sea died.

REV 16:4  The third angel poured          [rivers, springs...became blood] - out his bowl on the rivers and            After a span of time, God then caused springs of water, and they became        the rest of the earth's waters to be blood.                                    turned to blood.  When only the seas                                           were blood man still had drinking                                           water, but now all water was turned                                           into the rotting blood of a dead man.

REV 16:5  Then I heard the angel in      [angel in charge of the waters] - charge of the waters say: "You are        Appears that certain angels are given just in these judgments, you who          particular assignments.  In REV 7:1 are and who were, the Holy One,          we saw angels in charge of the winds, because you have so judged;              in 14:18 we saw an angel in charge of                                           the fire, and of course the angel                                           Michael given the charge over Israel                                           (DAN 12:1).

                                          REV 16:6  for they have shed the          [blood to drink] - God has issued a blood of your saints and prophets,        a punishment tailored to fit the and you have given them blood to          crime, for the wicked had poured out drink as they deserve."                  the blood of the saints and now                                           receive blood to drink.  Since they                                           liked blood they now can drink it in                                           lieu of water.

REV 16:7  And I heard the altar          [the altar respond] - Most likely the respond: "Yes, Lord God Almighty,        voices are the saints under the altar true and just are your judgments."        as seen in REV 6:9-10, for the blood                                           judgments would be a direct answer to                                           their "cries" of REV 6:10.

                                          [just] - No one can fault God for His                                           judgments being too harsh when seen                                           in the light that He offered Grace                                           and Mercy to them first, but they                                           refused to repent, believe, and                                           submit to Jesus Christ. 

REV 16:8  The fourth angel poured        [scorch people] - Fire is commonly out his bowl on the sun, and the          connected with judgment in Scripture sun was given power to scorch            (DEU 28:22; 1CO 3:13; 2PE 3:7).  Here people with fire.                        the sun's power is greatly increased                                           to the point where people on the                                              earth a burn as with a fire.

REV 16:9  They were seared by the        [cursed...refused to repent] - The intense heat and they cursed the          people on the earth are aware of the name of God, who had control over        source of the judgments, yet they these plagues, but they refused to        willfully chose to curse God rather repent and glorify him.                  than cry out for forgiveness.

REV 16:10  The fifth angel poured        [plunged into darkness] - Just like out his bowl on the throne of the        the ninth Egyptian plague (EXO 10:21- beast, and his kingdom was plunged        29), it was a darkness that could be into darkness. Men gnawed their          felt and no one could see anyone else tongues in agony                          nor be able to leave their place. I                                           would imagine that not only did God                                           cause the Sun to go black, but like-                                           wise all batteries and lighting would                                           also fail, in order to make God's                                           judgment complete.

REV 16:11  and cursed the God of          [pains and sores] - The suffering heaven because of their pains and        from the previous judgments are their sores, but they refused to          cumulative and make the curse of the repent of what they had done.            searing heat and darkness all the                                           more severe.

                                          [refuse to repent] - They will not                                           repent of their sins and therefore                                           will face the full force of the                                           wrath of God for an eternity.

REV 16:12  The sixth angel poured        [water dried up] - Similar to the out his bowl on the great river          time when God dried up the Red Sea Euphrates, and its water was dried        to save the Jews from Pharaoh (EXO up to prepare the way for the kings      14:21) and the drying of the Jordan from the East.                            (during flood stage) in JOS 3:14-17).                                           Here, the Euphrates is dried up to                                           allow a devastating army cross over                                           into Israel.

                                          [kings from the East] - This is the                                           same 200 million man army of REV                                           9:16.  Many of the judgments actually                                           occur simultaneously even though they                                           are revealed separately.

REV 16:13  Then I saw three evil          [looked like frogs] - Interesting to spirits that looked like frogs;          note that Satan is said to look like they came out of the mouth of the        a snake, these evil spirits like dragon, out of the mouth of the          frogs, but the Holy Spirit looks like beast and out of the mouth of the        a dove. false prophet.                                            [out of the mouth] - These three evil                                           spirits come from the unholy trinity,                                           namely, Satan, the Antichrist, and                                           the false prophet.

REV 16:14  They are spirits of            [gather them] - They go to the kings demons performing miraculous signs,      and cause them to desire to go to war and they go out to the kings of the      by working in their hearts.  They whole world, to gather them for the      bring them together for that last battle on the great day of God            battle fought by mankind. Almighty. 

REV 16:15  "Behold, I come like a        Jesus interrupts the description of thief! Blessed is he who stays            the end time events, to remind all awake and keeps his clothes with          peoples the need to stay awake, by him, so that he may not go naked          continuing in the faith and being and be shamefully exposed."              steadfast, being dressed with the                                           robes of righteousness (REV 3:18,                                           7:14). 

REV 16:16  Then they gathered the        [Armageddon] - Located in the Valley kings together to the place that in      of Megiddo.  One of the world's most Hebrew is called Armageddon.              famous battlefields.

REV 16:17  The seventh angel poured      [It is done] - God has begun the out his bowl into the air, and out        grand finale, for His judgments are of the temple came a loud voice          almost complete. from the throne, saying, "It is done!" 

REV 16:18  Then there came flashes      of lightning, rumblings, peals of        thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. 

REV 16:19  The great city split          [great city] - Most likely it is the into three parts, and the cities of      city of Rome, the new Babylon, and the nations collapsed. God                seat of the Antichrist. remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the          [cities of the nations] - All the wine of the fury of his wrath.            major cities of the world are                                           destroyed by this earthquake, such                                           as, Paris, London, New York, Denver,                                           Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C.,                                           Los Angeles, Dallas, Shreveport,                                           Indianapolis, etc.

REV 16:20  Every island fled away        [island fled away] - All the islands and the mountains could not be            disappeared, and only the mainlands found.                                    were left.  Even the mountains were                                           made flat because of this earthquake.

REV 16:21  From the sky huge              [hailstones] - Imagine 100 pound hailstones of about a hundred            hailstones falling from the skies! pounds each fell upon men. And they      What roof could withstand such force? cursed God on account of the plague      Many men and animals would surely of hail, because the plague was so        have died. terrible.                                            [cursed God] - Instead of crying out                                           for forgiveness, repenting of their                                            sins, the unsaved people cursed God.                          

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