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Keys to Revelation - Chapter 19

Written by: Capoccia, Tony    Posted on: 05/12/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                        Keys to Revelation - Chapter 19

Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (C) 1978 by the New York International Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

          BIBLE TEXT                                  COMMENTARY

REV 19:1  After this I heard what        [After this] - Beginning in REV 17:1 sounded like the roar of a great          we saw the introduction of the city multitude in heaven shouting:            of Rome, the capitol city of the "Hallelujah! Salvation and glory          world, and the head of the wicked and power belong to our God,              world system. In chapter 18, the Fall                                           of Babylon (Rome) is revealed and in                                           REV 18:20 we, the Saints of God, are                                           commanded to rejoice over her final                                           fate, because of the way she had                                           treated God's children in the many                                           generations previous.

                                          [great multitude] - The redeemed of                                           God in heaven. Throughout the history                                           of man, it has only been a remnant                                           that has accepted God's message and                                           believed.  One just needs to look at                                           our generation to realize that very                                           few of any society really believe and                                           are saved.  It has been estimated                                           that since the days of Adam and Eve                                           that approximately 41 billion people                                           have lived on this planet.  If only                                           a remnant equal to 1% was saved, that                                           would make heaven's population of                                           saints equal to about 400,000,000. Of                                           course, God is not finished calling                                           all of His servants yet so the number                                           will continue to grow.

                                          [Hallelujah!] - There are only four                                           instances in the New Testament of the                                           term Hallelujah, all of which occur                                           in this chapter (vs 1, 3, 4, 6). The                                           OT word Hallelujah comes from two                                           Hebrew words (halal and Jah), and                                           means "Praise Yahweh!"

                                          [belong to our God] - Salvation is of                                           God and not of man.  All men turned                                           away from God and earned their place                                           in the torments of the Lake of Fire.                                           But, our God is a Gracious God, and                                           chose "some" to be saved (not many).                                           He also prescribed the exact manner                                           of salvation, it would not be of                                           works, but rather, of faith.  A faith                                           that manifests itself in the three-                                           fold act of Believing in Christ,                                           Repenting of our sins, and Submitting                                           to the Lordship of Our Savior Jesus                                           Christ, the God of the Universe!

REV 19:2  for true and just are his      [true and just] - There can be no judgments. He has condemned the          doubt that God judged rightly in the great prostitute who corrupted the        case of Babylon (Rome).  In fact, He earth by her adulteries. He has          demonstrated great patience and avenged on her the blood of his          mercy waiting all these many years servants."                                while she committed her acts of                                           adulteries. 

                                          [avenged on her the blood] - God had                                           declared in DEU 32:43 that He would                                           ultimately avenge the blood of the                                           saints, "Rejoice, O nations, with His                                           people, for He will avenge the blood                                           of His servants; He will take ven-                                           geance on His enemies and make                                           atonement for His land and people."

REV 19:3  And again they shouted:        [smoke..goes up...for ever] - This is "Hallelujah! The smoke from her          not a reference to the city itself, goes up for ever and ever."              but will be fulfilled by the eternal                                           judgment of the people who sinned in                                           and through the evil world system of                                           Babylon.  It will be literal smoke                                           rising from the burning of the bodies                                           of these unbelievers in the endless                                           torment of the Lake of Fire.

REV 19:4  The twenty-four elders          [twenty-four elders] - See comments and the four living creatures fell        on REV 4:4-11 down and worshiped God, who was seated on the throne. And they          cried: "Amen, Hallelujah!" 

REV 19:5  Then a voice came from          [a voice] - Not the voice of the the throne, saying: "Praise our          Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, but God, all you his servants, you who        rather it is the voice of an angel fear him, both small and great!"          who commands us to praise "our" God.

                                          [Praise] - Present tense and is a                                           command to "keep on praising" the                                           Lord.

                                          [small and great] - Believers from                                           every socioeconomic level, and from                                           various stages of spiritual maturity.

REV 19:6  Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: "Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. 

REV 19:7  Let us rejoice and be          [wedding of the Lamb] - For a proper glad and give him glory! For the          perspective of this event we need to wedding of the Lamb has come, and        remember the customs of the Bible his bride has made herself ready.        Times in regard to marriage.  First,                                           there was the Betrothal, which was                                            a public declaration by the two                                           families that the two participants                                           were now betrothed, that is, legally                                           husband and wife.

                                          Following the Betrothal came a period                                           of time that was used by the groom to                                           prepare a home for the bride (usually                                           a room in his father's house).  This                                           could be a year or so. The bride also                                           used this time to prepare herself for                                           the wedding feast.  When the time was                                           ready, the bridegroom would travel to                                           the bride's home and take her back                                           with him to the new home (room).

                                          Shortly after the couple and the                                           families arrived at the new home the                                           wedding feast began and lasted for a                                           week or longer.             

                                          The Bride here is the Church (each                                           Christian from the Church Age) and                                           the Groom is Jesus. We were betrothed                                           on the day of our salvation as the                                           announcement was made on earth and in                                           heaven that we and Jesus were legally                                           married (committed) to each other. 

                                          Again, the Bride is the Church and                                           the guests are all the Old Testament                                           saints and the Martyred Tribulation                                           saints. 

                                          Jesus has been "preparing our rooms                                           in His Father's house" (JOH 14:2-3)                                           and came back for us in the Rapture                                           of the Church.  The wedding feast was                                           delayed until the Lord had taken back                                           the earth from the control of the                                           evil one. 

REV 19:8  Fine linen, bright and          [given her] - Most likely at the Bema clean, was given her to wear."            Seat (Judgment Seat of Christ) the (Fine linen stands for the                brilliant garments of linen were righteous acts of the saints.)            given to each of the saints.  When a                                           person is saved they receive the                                           righteousness of Christ, however,                                           their transformed life will be                                           evidenced by the actual righteous                                           acts they do by the Spirit (JAM                                           2:14-18).

REV 19:9  Then the angel said to          [those...invited] - The Church is the me, "Write: 'Blessed are those who        Bride and the invited wedding guests are invited to the wedding supper        are the Old Testament saints (see of the Lamb!'" And he added, "These      MAT 8:11) and the martyred saints of are the true words of God."              the Tribulation.

REV 19:10  At this I fell at his          [worship him] - John is overcome by feet to worship him. But he said to      the tremendous picture of the coming me, "Do not do it! I am a fellow          blessedness of the Kingdom of God, servant with you and with your            and falls down and worships an angel. brothers who hold to the testimony        This only shows the humanness of the of Jesus. Worship God! For the            Apostle John.  The angel quickly testimony of Jesus is the spirit of      informs John that angels are also prophecy."                                servants of God (HEB 1:4-14).

                                          [spirit of prophecy] - The prophecy                                           that John was watching unfold was the                                           testimony of Jesus, not of angels,                                           therefore, God is the one who is to                                           be worshiped for such a revelation.

REV 19:11  I saw heaven standing          [heaven standing open] - When a door open and there before me was a            is opened a person can see in or out. white horse, whose rider is called        John is now on the earth and can see Faithful and True. With justice he        into the third heaven, the residence judges and makes war.                    of the Saints, the Angels and the                                           Throne Room of God.  Remember, that                                           the First Heaven is the atmosphere,                                           and the Second Heaven is Outer Space                                           (see 2CO 12:2).  John can see into                                           heaven as clearly as we can see a                                           cloud in the sky.  The opening to                                           heaven is so wide that a whole army                                           can pass through.

                                          [white horse] - A real horse, just                                           like the literal donkey that Jesus                                           rode into Jerusalem on (MAT 21). It                                           was prophesied hundreds of years                                           earlier that the Messiah would ride                                           into the city on a donkey (ZEC 9:9),                                           and here we listen to the spirit of                                           prophecy tell us that when Christ,                                           the Magnificent King, returns He will                                           be riding a white horse--Believe it!

                                          [Faithful and True] - Our sweet Lord                                           and Savior is truly faithful.  He is                                           faithful when we are faithless (2TI                                           2:13).  He is faithful and true in                                           all of His promises to return to the                                           earth and establish His kingdom. He                                           will fulfill all of His promises made                                           to His people.

                                          [judges and makes war] - The right-                                           eous vengeance that is about to be                                           enacted upon the Antichrist and his              

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