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Keys to Revelation - chapter 21

Written by: Capoccia, Tony    Posted on: 05/12/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                          Keys to Revelation - Chapter 21

Taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (C) 1978 by the New York International Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

          BIBLE TEXT                                  COMMENTARY

REV 21:1  Then I saw a new heaven        [Then I saw] - This follows the Final and a new earth, for the first            Judgment of the Wicked.  They were heaven and the first earth had            all thrown into the Lake of Fire at passed away, and there was no            the end of Chapter 20. longer any sea.                                            [new heaven and a new earth] - The                                           old heaven and earth were totally                                           destroyed just prior to the Great                                           White Throne Judgment (REV 20:12).                                            In 2PE 3:13  we had the promise of a                                           new heaven and earth, "...in keeping                                           with his promise we are looking                                           forward to a new heaven and a new                                           earth, the home of righteousness."

                                          [first...had passed away] - This was                                           prophesied in 2PE 3:10, "The heavens                                           will disappear with a roar; the                                           elements will be destroyed by fire,                                           and the earth and everything in it                                           will be laid bare."  It is amazing                                           that our original home is the earth                                           and that we look forward to "going to                                           heaven," yet will someday return to                                           the earth forever, but a new earth.

                                          [no longer any sea] - As John looked                                           at the new earth, he was impressed                                           with the fact that there was no                                           longer any sea.  On the present earth                                           the sea serves a number of purposes,                                           one is to provide a source of food                                           for mankind, another is to separate                                           nations, thus hindering the process                                           of a "one world and one language                                           society" (GEN 11:1-9).  Lastly, the                                           seas are critical to the evaporation                                           process, providing clouds, rains,                                           rivers, and springs. 

                                          On the new earth God provides all the                                           nourishment the redeemed will need.                                            There will be no need for separation,                                           in fact we will all live in the same                                           city, billions of us!  Also, there                                           will be no more cloudy, rainy days.

                                                      REV 21:2  I saw the Holy City, the        [Holy City] - Jerusalem was God's new Jerusalem, coming down out of        Holy City, the place where He dwelt heaven from God, prepared as a            in a special way, within the    bride beautifully dressed for her        Tabernacle.  But because the Jews husband.                                  rejected their Messiah, God then                                           rejected their nation and the Holy                                            City.  Yet, God had prepared, up in                                            heaven, a new Jerusalem, the true                                              Holy City (GAL 4:26, HEB 12:22).   

                                          [coming down] - The glorious,                                           dazzling city was slowly descending                                           from the Third Heaven, much like a                                           bride slowly coming down the aisle on                                           her Wedding Day.  As we shall see in                                           verse 10, the city is brilliant and                                           transparent, like a large, jeweled                                           diamond.

                                          [beautifully dressed] - The city's                                           dress is discussed in detail in REV                                           21:18-21.

REV 21:3  And I heard a loud voice        [God is with men] - Although God has from the throne saying, "Now the          visited the earth at various times in dwelling of God is with men, and he      the O.T. and even, "lived for a while will live with them. They will be        among us" (JOH 1:14), now we see that his people, and God himself will be      He will live with man, in all of His with them and be their God.              Glory and Splendor forever on the new                                           earth.  For those who would advocate                                           the existence of other intelligent                                           beings from other parts of the                                           universe, this verse says clearly,                                           that there is only God and man,                                           living on the Earth that was made                                           exclusively for mankind. 

                                          God can and will dwell with man                                           because we have been made pure and                                           holy because of the shed blood of                                           Jesus Christ.  He is ours and we are                                           His for all of eternity with never a                                           separation.  As Christians, we need                                           to remember this truth.  When the                                           trials and sufferings come, let us                                           look forward to that sure day when                                           Our Holy and Precious God will live                                           visibly with us.

REV 21:4  He will wipe every tear        [wipe every tear] - the situations from their eyes. There will be no        that caused these tears of sadness  more death or mourning or crying or      have been eliminated, for there will pain, for the old order of things        be no more death of man, woman, or has passed away."                        child.  There will be no more                                           mourning the loss of loved ones, no                                           more nights of crying, and no more                                           suffering of pain.  These are                                           promises to look forward to as we                                           experience the trials and sufferings                                           of this sin cursed earth.

REV 21:5  He who was seated on the        [He who was seated] - This is Our throne said, "I am making                Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in all everything new!" Then he said,            of His glory.  He identifies Himself "Write this down, for these words        as the creator, "making everything are trustworthy and true."                new," which agrees with COL 1:16-17.                                           Further evidence of His identity                                           comes in 21:6 when He says, "I am the                                           Alpha and the Omega,"  for we see                                           this same title proclaimed in REV                                           22:13 by Jesus (REV 22:16).

                                          [everything new] - Think of the joy                                           we experience with 'new' on this                                           present earth.  It could be a new                                           baby, a new job, a new house, a new                                           car, a new discovery, etc.  But Jesus                                           says, "everything on earth and in                                           heaven will be made new."  Jesus made                                           each of us new at our rebirth in                                           Christ and now literally does the                                           same with the material universe.

                                          [Write this down] - John was given                                           orders to write down what he sees in                                           both REV 1:11 and 1:19, but here is                                           reminded to write again in order to                                           express the importance of these                                           events.  These particular verses give                                           the redeemed considerable hope in the                                           future newness when they are facing                                           the corruptness of this old sinful                                           world.

REV 21:6  He said to me: "It is          [It is done] - Jesus spoke these same done. I am the Alpha and the Omega,      words on the Cross of Calvary with the Beginning and the End. To him        reference to salvation (JOH 19:30). who is thirsty I will give to drink      Here, the words refer to the entire without cost from the spring of the      redemptive plan for man to include water of life.                            his environment.  Sin, death, and the                                           curse are gone forever and now                                           redeemed mankind is free to enjoy the                                           glorious bliss of the presence of                                           God.

                                          [Alpha and Omega] - The first and                                           last letter of the Greek alphabet                                           which reminds us that our Jesus is                                           both the beginning and the end of all                                           things.  He was in there when man's                                           history began (JOH 1:1) for he                                           created man (COL 1:16).  There was                                           never a time when Jesus did not exist                                           for He always was.  Likewise, He will                                           always be for He will continue to                                           control all things forever in eterni                                           ty.

                                          [drink without cost] - The reader of                                           this Book of Revelation is again                                           reminded of the offer of salvation.                                            While it is a free gift in that there                                           is nothing we can pay to obtain it,                                           there is a condition that we give all                                           that we are to obtain it.  We must                                           give up our sin and stubbornness                                           against the things of God, by                                           repenting of our sins and believing                                           in Christ as we willing submit to His                                           Lordship.

                                          [water of life] - A literal river                                           that exists on the new earth (see REV                                           22:1).

REV 21:7  He who overcomes will          [overcomes] - In order to become a inherit all this, and I will be his      a Christian and have a home on the God and he will be my son.                new earth one must overcome the world                                           and the evil one (ROM 12:21, 1JO                                           2:13; 5:4).  In our natural flesh we                                           have no power to accomplish this, but                                           the Holy Spirit tells us how, "Who is                                           it that overcomes the world? Only he                                           who believes that Jesus is the Son of                                           God" (1JO 5:5).  This believing is                                           not a mere intellectual assent of                                           the truth about Jesus but a Holy                                           Spirit led faith in Christ manifested                                           by repentance and submission to the                                           Lord of the Universe -- Jesus Christ.

                                          [I will be His God] - A direct                                           statement from Jesus that He is truly                                           God.  Many false religions doubt the                                           deity of Christ, but they can only do                                      

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