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PUBLISHED ON: April 25, 2003
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                    WHAT’S GOING ON IN HERE?
This  booklet  has been prepared to inform  the  general  public,
including  most Mormons,  and especially the Body of  Christians,
and  to  reveal  to them of exactly what  transpires  during  the
secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies.  Our purpose is not to ridicule,
but  to  shed   light on these hidden  things  of  darkness.   We
sincerely  believe  that  Mormons and  non-Mormons  alike  cannot
comprehend  or  accurately  evaluate the complex   Mormon  gospel
without  knowing what actually transpires inside of  the  Temple,
the  place  where the Keys of Knowledge necessary for  exaltation
are imparted to LDS Gods in embryo.   We pray earnestly that this
information will be especially helpful in encouraging  Christians
in  their witness of the true Lord Jesus Christ to those lost  in
the deception and bondage Mormonism.

                        AUTHOR’S PREFACE
This   booklet  contains  the  entire  series  of  Mormon  Temple
ceremonies,  called   “Ordinances”  and is 100% accurate  in  the
essence  of what is done,  and very nearly 100% accurate  in  the
exact wording of what is said.   This is because this edition was
transcribed from a tape recording made  inside the Temple at  the
actual Endowment ceremony*.   Other ceremonies have been verified
by  comparing them with copies of Temple Worker Instruction Books

*This  booklet is purposely not copyrighted and may be copied  or
used in any way deemed appropriate.

The  tape  recording of the Mormon Temple Endowment  from  which
this  booklet  was transcribed was recorded in  the  Los  Angeles
Mormon  Temple.   The recording was made using a personal  pocket
size tape recorder carried by one of the patrons during Endowment

The  patron who made this recording entered the Temple using  his
own  personal  Temple Recommend and carried his own  Temple  Veil
Worker’s  name  tag and identification card during the  ceremony. 
He  was  greeted  by  several  Temple  Worker  acquaintances  who
obviously  did  not know of his excommunication from  the  Mormon
Church, which had been at his own request several months earlier. 

One  of  the objectives of this foray was to test the well  known
Mormon  claim  of  Divinely  aided  Temple   security.    Another
objective  was to provide and up-to-date and accurate text of the
Endowment.  (There have been many revisions to the Endowment text
in the past ten years,  some of them significant).   Contrary  to
popular belief of Mormons,  not one person in the Temple appeared
the  slightest  bit spiritually or supernaturally alerted to  the
presence  among them of one whom they classify as  an  “apostate”
and  a  “son  of perdition”.   As he  departed,  the  patron  was
encouraged  by a member of the Temple Presidency to return  again
or similar authentic sources,  making this the most accurate  and
up  to date rendition of these “secret” ceremonies ever published
in the 120 year history of Mormon Temple exposes.  The ceremonies
have been annotated and explanatory information included to  help
the reader understand the activities as they progress.   Part one
contains background information and commentary, including a brief
overview  of  all  of the ceremonies in sequence to  prepare  the
reader to understand the dialogue of the ceremonies.

Even  though we know that the Authorities of the  Mormon  church,
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  Salt Lake City,
Utah, will be highly offended at the publication of this work, we
do  not  apologize for doing it.   As former Mormons   and  Temple
Workers who are now born again Christians, we acknowledge a great
responsibility  to  the unsuspecting world to expose and  reprove
with exactness and the light of truth,  precisely what activities
transpire inside the Mormon temples today. 

We  heed  the  admonition of the Apostle  Paul  to  the  Ephesian
Saints,  who  had  previously participated in similar  pagan  and
occultic rituals, “For ye were sometimes (once) darkness, but now
ye are light in the Lord,  walk as children of light … and have
no  fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,  but rather
reprove  (expose)  them …  for it is a shame even to  speak  of
those  things which are done of them in secret.   But all  things
that  are  reproved (exposed) are made manifest  by  the  light.”
(Ephesians  5:8,  11-13)  We recognize that this is not the first
such “expose”, but it is the most accurate and current account of
the  activities of the Mormon temple  “Endowment”ever  published. 
We  wish  to  bring  it  to the  attention  of  concerned  people
everywhere so that they may be knowledgable concerning this,  the
most sacred of all activities and teachings to the modern Mormon
(see  John  18:20).   Mormonism  cannot be  fully  understood  by
Mormons  or  non-Mormons  alike without  an  understanding  these
Temple  rituals  – the “Keystone” of modern Mormon  doctrine  and

Statistics  released in January 1982,  by qualified Mormon church
authorities  indicated  that  at least three out  of  every  four
Mormons  (teenage  and older) have never  participated  in  these
rituals.   These non-participating Mormons have been subjected to
a  variety of powerful propaganda from their leaders,  impressing
upon  them the sacred,  holy,  and enlightning  nature  of  their
Temple  “Ordinances”,  and  the  great blessings to  be  obtained
through them.  This booklet is intended especially for those non-
participating Mormons, to enable them to recognized the occultic,
non-Christian nature of these rituals,  and to see them for them-
selves  in  the clear light of reality.   We are  confident  that
those  who will prayerfully evaluate these rites  for  themselves
will  be  able  to  see  them as  they  truly  are,  rather  than
continuing  in the naive belief that they are the sacred  vehicle
essential to becoming a polygamous god,  destined to rule over  a
new planet for eternity.

Mormons  who  regularly  attend the Temple should  also  be  very
interested in this booklet.   They will be “dying to find out” if
it  really contains a “word perfect” rendition of all the  Temple
rituals,  and  anxious  to  find a misplaced  word  so  they  can
criticize  its  accuracy.   We  are  pleased  to  give  them  the
opportunity, with a challenge to call to our attention any errors
they believe they detect.   We also challenge them to listen more
attentatively  while  attending the Temple,  and to compare  what
they hear with the Bible or the Book of Mormon,  which  teach  an
entirely  different  Gospel  and  plan  of  salvation  from  that
presented in the Temple Endowment.

Anyone  who  is  familiar  with  the  rite  of  Freemasonry  will
recognize them as the primary source for the tokens,  signs,  and
penalties  used in the Temple Endowment.   Much of  the  mystical
symbolism  of  Mormonism  is also  borrowed  from  Masonry.   The
symbolism  and  practices of the ancient pagan mystery  religions
associated  with nimrod and Babylon are also richly displayed  in
the  Mormon  temple  and  reflected in  the  doctrines  presented
therein.   Part one of this booklet contains commentary comparing
these   Mormon  rituals  with  those  of  other   religions   and
theologies, including Christianity.


Mormon  Temples are the most secret/sacred facet of Mormonism and
are completely different from neighborhood Mormon chapels.   Once
a  new  Temple  is dedicated,  no non-Mormons  are  ever  allowed
inside.   Most  Mormons  are not permitted to  enter  the  Temple
either.   Only  Mormons who have passed stringent requirements of
worthiness  determined  by a penetrating private  interview  with
their  Bishop,  and  then a second similar interview  with  their
Stake  President,  are issued a “Temple Recommend” which  permits
them to enter the Temple (See figure 1).   Temple Recommends  are
valid  for one year after which the entire interview process must
be repeated to receive a new Recommend.   According to LDS church
leaders,  less than 20% of adult Mormons have valid Temple Recom
mends and thus are qualified to attend the temple.  Less than 10%
of adult Mormons regularly attend the Temple.**

Before  a  Mormon is issued his first  Temple  Recommend,  he  is
normally  required  to  attend  a course  of  study  intended  to 
qualify  him to “live worthy” or to become qualified to live  LDS
standards  of loyalty,  dedication,  financial contributions  and
personal  traits  of worthiness.   Very little of the  ceremonial
aspects,  and  none  of the promises or penalties of  the  Temple
rituals  are included in the ciriculum nor are these ever discus
sed at any time outside or inside of the Temple.  These are still
a mystery to the participants,  who are acting on faith in Joseph
Smith and the Mormon church’s divine authority.

During a member’s first participation in the Temple ceremony,  he
“receives  his own endowments” which means he attends to his  own
personal  salvation requirements.   In a special instruction ses
sion  with all the initiates he is asked by the Temple  President
to make a personal commitment to return to the temple  often,  at
least  once per month,  to renew his own commitment and to remind
him  of  his  covenants  while he is serving as  a  proxy  for  a

**See  the  Church News supplement to the Salt Lake City  Deseret
News,  week  of January 16,  1982,  page 10 for very  interesting
information  on  Mormon  dedication to this  “Keystone  of  their
deceased person to provide that person with Mormon salvation.  He
thus  becomes  a “Savior on Mount Zion” by acting  in  behalf  of
someone who did not have this opportunity himself.

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