AUTHOR: The Gospel Tract Society
PUBLISHED ON: May 2, 2003


In recent years many books have been written on the “New Age Movement.” Which
probably should have been called the “Same ol’ Lie New Age Movement”. Satan
has no creative power and simply cannot find a new temptation for man except
for the sin of pride that caused him to lose his place in God’s eternal
Kingdom. This New Age Movement makes for excellent writing, it sells books and
causes Christians who are not aware of such activities to think that some new
demonic forces have been loosed on the planet. But the fact of the matter is
the New Age Movement, for all intents and purposes, is the Babylonian religion
with an updated version of the lies that Satan started in the Garden with Adam
and Eve, which eventually graduated to the Babylonian Tower.


The Bible tells us of the tower of the ancient city of Babylon built by King
Nimrod and his queen Semiramis (Genesis 11). Semiramis was an extremely wicked
woman and soon her brand of religion spread throughout the world. Their temple
rituals included blood sacrifices as well as prostitution. In the Old
Testament Nimrod is referred to as Baal. The basis of the Babylonian religion
was the thought of man lifting himself up to Heaven, which is repeated by the
cults down through the ages. Even the apostles had to face these problems with
the newborn church.


Gnosticsm reared its ugly head in Christianity around the middle of the first
Century. The Gnostics believed that man could raise himself up through
superior knowledge. They also believed that God was neither good nor evil,
simply there. A force that created us and then left us to live on our own.


The “new” gnostics believe we are all gods, and there is no One God, but an
impersonal force. This teaching has appeared in countless movies, the biggest
being the “Star Wars” triology. For years children as well as adults went
around saying, “may the force be with you!” While these were thought to be
harmless science fiction movies they may very well have been geared toward
accepting an impersonal God. If God is an “”it,”” then it can be manipulated,
controlled, and ordered about. In other words, you control god, it doesn’t
control you. This force must be reached through meditation, hypnosis,
visualization and various other methods, much like the Far Eastern religions.
They are after a one-world government, leader, economy, and religion. Again a
familiar story, but the circumstances have changed.


The ability of world leaders to meet in just seconds increases the possibility
of a one-world government. World leaders are calling for intellectuals,
scientists, and clergy to come together to solve the world’s problems. The
debt of not only the United States, but other countries threatens the
stability of the world economy. The key will be a soaring of the stock market
prices. This will draw investors from all over the world into a literal
economic whirlpool. Another, more severe stock market crash, then look for
everything else to immediately fall into place. People will realize that the
White House doesn’t have the answers, but God’s house does. We could see a
revival of untold magnitude, or it may take place after the rapture, no one
knows for sure.


Survival doesn’t lie in fighting the New Age Movement but in exalting Jesus
Christ as the Answer. Our war is not with flesh and the blood but with demon
spirits (Ephesians 6:12). We can struggle against those in the New Age
Movement or we can present Jesus to a lost and dying world. Which do you think
would do the most good? The Bible centuries ago predicted a world government,
under a man. It will take place. But there is another coming, “and the
government shall be upon His shoulder… of the increase of his government and
peace there shall be no end,…” (Isaiah 9:6,7). Even so Lord Jesus come


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