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Welcome to the Believersweb.org. Our goal is to be a blessing to you by sharing Bible based articles, sermons and sermon outlines, book reviews and other helps for your Christian walk.

Note: We are currently working on updating site code to make the content easier to use on mobile platforms. Sorry about the intermitant errors.

The site is a labor of love for a couple people who volunteer their time, so it sometimes takes a while to get things done. Some of the features are not yet operational, and some of the ones that are working do not have content. The library search tools have been updated and volunteers are working on reformatting documents. There are currently about 1,200 articles in the database so it will take a while. We are serving about 800-1400 visitors a day, so we know it is important to make progress.

We just added a tool that allows users to list the last documents that have been posted. The link to the tool is the "what's new" button. When you click it you will see the last 25 items posted. There is a "Next" and "Back" link at the top of the page that let you look at lists of 25 articles by reverse date posted order.

There is also a new exciting tool that shows other articles that are related to the one that you are viewing. It will show a list of other articles that share the same key words and phrases. We hope that this will enable visitors to dig deeper into their topics of interest.

We do apologize for the formatting on many articles, we are working as fast as we can to clean them up. We will then progress to the book review and links sections.

Watch this space for updates as to our progress.

Last Update Feb 21, 2018

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