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Written by: Smith, Scott L.    Posted on: 03/31/2003

Category: Evangelism

Source: CCN

                YOUR TESTAMENT ... A TESTIMONY

                      By Scott L. Smith,             Vice President/Director of Development

    "For a testament is of force after men  are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth." Hebrews 9:17     God,  in Hebrews, used  the example of  a testament to explain the  new covenant that He established through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus  Christ. This covenant  between God and  man was established by the tangible proof of the death of the testator (cf. v. 16), God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.     A  legal  "testament,"  or  will,  is  defined  in  Webster's dicrionary as "an act by which a person determines the disposition of his property after his death."     Following our Lord's  example, we, too, can use  our last will and testament to declare His New Testament in  Jesus Christ to all the  world.  How?  By  making  provision  for the preaching of the Gospel in our will.     Yes,  your  last  will  and  testament  can  become part of an eternal testimony to  the living hope that abides  in Jesus Christ through faith. Not only  can you faithfully and  carefully provide for  the  needs  of  your  surviving  loved ones, but you can make provision  for  the  preaching  of  the  Gospel  by including your church, missions, or organizations like Family Radio in your will.     This is just one  more way that we can see the marvelous truth of Romans 8:28 working for  us. "And we know that all  things work together for  good to them that  love God, to them  who are called according to his purpose."     Yes, even  our death, as  the death of  Christ our Savior, can testify  to the  reality of  eternal life  through faith  in God's Provision. We can testify  through our last will and  testament to all the world that the Lord indeed reigns.     If you desire  information on how to draw up a Christian will, please fill out the coupon below and send it to us in the envelope provided in the center of this publication.


Dear Mr. Smith,     I  would like to  receive more information  on wills so that I can continue  to be involved  in the preaching  of the Gospel even after my homecoming.

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