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Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834-1892, Pastor and Writer

Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 03/12/2003

Category: Biographies

Source: CCN

BIO:Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1834-1892 English Baptist pastor and writer.

His ancestors were Huguenots. He was converted to Christ at the age of 16 and immediately began preaching. He preached in the streets and in the fields before he was 21. In his first church, he began with 100 members. It grew until he was preaching to 10,000 people in the Surrey Music Hall. His church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle, seated 6,000 people. He withdrew from every move- ment among English Baptists which tended to criticize the Au- thorized Version 1611 in any way. Before his death, he published more than 2,000 ser- mons and 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, il- lustrations, and devotions.

  ARTIST'S NOTE: The conservative and earthly browns emphasize Spurgeon's plainness, and his common touch as an English pastor.

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