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Written by: Abba II    Posted on: 04/14/2003

Category: Prophecy

Source: CCN

Book Review: THE COMING TEMPLE ==============================

Book:        "The Coming Temple" - Center Stage for the Final Countdown Authors:    Don Stewart and Chuck Missler Publishers:  Dart Press, Box 6486, Orange, CA 92613. (800) 637-5177. Price:      $9.95 Reviewed by: Anton W. Hein

When an internationally known author and apologist like Don Stewart, and an equally well-known Bible teacher like Chuck Missler co-author a book, you can be sure of at least one thing: The product will be well-researched, well-documented, and presented in a clear, easy to follow manner. That certainly is the case with "The Coming Temple".

Over the past ten years Stewart and Missler have befriended some of the personalities in Israel who are involved in various movements to initiate the building of a Third Temple. Both have also been part of a scientific expedition that attempted to located the exact site of where the First and Second Temple stood. More important, the authors are veteran Bible teachers who are very familiar with what the Scriptures have to say concerning the subject of a future temple.

While the book's introduction readily admits that "Some of the possibilities presented are little more than informed conjectures..", the authors present a clear overview of the controversy surrounding the Temple Mount, the history of the Temple, and the current moves toward the rebuilding of the Temple.

Basing their study on Biblical prophecies, Stewart and Missler are certain that the Temple will indeed be rebuild, and that it will be "the center stage for the final countdown".

While the entire book provides fascinating material for reading and study, among the best portions is a chapter called "What Does It All Mean?". Though brief, it discusses what the coming rebuilding of the Temple means for Israel ("...it is a reminder that God is not finished with Israel."), and what the role of Christians should be: Should Christians be involved in the efforts to rebuild the Temple? The authors say no: "Though we know from the New Testament that a Third Temple is predicted and will be built, Christians should not participate in its planning, promotion or construction. For one thing, they point out that the Scriptures declare the Temple will be built in unbelief of Jesus as the Messiah. The Third Temple will be the center stages for the activities of the Antichrist. (One of several highly informative appendixes lists Old and New Testament references to the Antichrist, a subject the authors promise to treat in a future book).

However, Stewart and Missler do say they see some legitimate causes with which Christians can involve themselves, such as the search for the location of the previous Temple.

Another fine chapter, "Center Stage for the Final Countdown" relates the issues surrounding the rebuilding of the Temple to coming events.

"The Coming Temple" is illustrated with many maps, diagrams, and photographs (among which are pictures of the already finished Temple implements). Lots of footnotes, Bible references and a good bibliography make it easy to undertake a more in depth study into the subjects presented.

This is a highly recommended book, of interest not only to Christians, but - in its sensitive treatment of the subject - also to our Jewish friends.

Anton W. Hein - Co-Sysop of Abba II, A "Marketplace" of Information and Resources for Christians. Call our Computer Bulletin Board at: 619/487-7746.

------------------------------------------------------------------ This copyrighted article may be freely reprinted in Christian publications. To insure that you have received an original copy of this review, please contact our BBS, or write to: P.O. Box 927114, San Diego, CA 92192-7114. ------------------------------------------------------------------

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