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Quotations of Paul Yonggi Cho

Written by: Fox, Jim    Posted on: 04/24/2003

Category: Cults / Sects / Non Christian Religions and Topics

Source: CCN

Compiled by Jim Fox Last updated: 07-17-92


Note: This file is still being worked on, the Biblical refutations to Paul Yonggi Cho's statements are still in the process of being worked on. I would urge any of you who read this file in this preliminary stage to search the Scriptures as the Bereans in Acts 17:11 did.

1. God must respond to our demands.

  "By the spoken word we create our universe of circumstances...."   (Solving Life's Problems, p. 51)

  "You create the presence of Jesus with your mouth....  He is bound by   your lips and by your words...." (The Fourth Dimension, p. 83)

2. "Through visualization and dreaming you can incubate your future and   hatch the results." (The Fourth Dimension, p. 44)

3. get the book "The Fourth Dimension", see pg. 39-44, 50, 64, 36-43,   38-40

4. "Then God spoke to my heart, 'Son... the spirit is the fourth   dimension. ...[as] the third dimension includes and controls the second   dimension, so the fourth dimension includes and controls the third   dimension, producing a creation of order and beauty." (The Fourth   Dimension, p. 38-40)

5. "There are three spiritual forces in the earth. The Spirit of God, the   spirit of man, and the spirit of Satan.... All three spirits are in the   realm of the fourth dimension, so naturally spirits can hover over the   material third dimension and exercise creative powers....

  "The Holy Spirit said, 'My son, man still does not realize the   spiritual power that I have given him.'"

  "Yes, I said, realizing what God was referring to.... False prophets   had power in the realm of the spirit because they had come to realize   their potential." (The Fourth Dimension, Volume Two, p. 38)

6. Cho many times uses the word 'incubate' instead of 'visualize'

  "In Genesis the Spirit of the Lord was incubating... like a hen sitting   on her egss...." (The Fourth Dimension, p. 43)

7. "We've got to learn how... to visualize and dream the answer as being   completed as we go to the Lord in prayer. We should always try to   visualize the end result as we pray."

  "In that way, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can incubate that   which we want God to do for us...."

  "God used this process of visualizing the situation to help Abraham....   By that visualization through the associated thought Abraham... could   incubate his [future] children and dispel the doubts from his heart....   The main thing is that we should know the importance of visualization."   (The Fourth Dimension, Volume Two, pp.26-27)

8. "God spoke to my heart, "Son... the fourth dimension includes and   controls the third dimension, producing a creation of order and beauty.   The spirit is the fourth dimension."

  "Every human being is a spiritual being.... They have the fourth   dimension as well as the third dimension in their hearts."

  "In Genesis the Spirit of the Lord was incubating, brooding over the   water; He was like a hen sitting on her eggs, incubating them and   hatching chickens. In much the same manner the Holy Spirit incubates   the third dimension, so does the evil spirit incubate...."

  "You may wonder how we can incubate our subconsious... the only way for   us to incubate is through our imaginations....  Through visualizing and   dreaming you can incubate your future and hatch results...."

  "So men [Christians or occultists], by exploring their spiritual sphere   of the fourth dimension through the development of concentrated visions   and dreams in their imagination, can brood over and incubate the third   dimension, influencing and changing it."

  "This is what the Holy Spirit taught me." (The Fourth Dimension, p.   39-44)

9. "I imagine that Abraham... when he looked up at the stars, all he could   see were the faces of his children, and suddenly he felt that he was   hearing them call to him, 'Father Abraham!'"

  "...He could not sleep when he closed his eyes, for he saw all the   stars changing into the faces of his descendants.... Those pictures   came to his mind again and again... [and] became part of his fourth   dimension...."

  "These visions and dreams carried dominion over his one-   hundred-year-old body, and it was transformed as if it were like a   young body." (The Fourth Dimension, p. 48)

10."We should always try to visualize the end result as we pray.... If you   have not visualized clearly in your heart exactly what you hope for, it   cannot become a reality to you...."

  "We have taught our people how to... visualize success....  Through   visualizing and dreaming, you can incubate your future and hatch the   results." (The Fourth Dimension, Volume Two, pp. 25-28, 68) (The Fourth   Dimension, p. 44)

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