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Written by: Unknown    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                                SIMON'S HEART

  I would like you to meet Simon. He calls himself a magician. You will notice that he will not look you in the eyes. That is because he is afraid of people. The only way that he feels comfortable with you is if he can get you to think that he is someone important. For a long time he has been telling people that he has the power of God. He has been tricked by the devil into thinking that he can do magic.   Not too long ago, something happened which made Simon's magic look very weak. God sent his preacher, Phillip, to teach the people about Jesus. It had been very hard for Simon, but he had to admit that he didn't have God's power when he saw it changing the lives of his neighbours. That day he took an important step and asked God to save him. He confessed to the Lord that he needed his power. It must have been very hard for him to admit that God was more important than himself.   Today something is happening that is tempting Simon to try to be important again. He sees God's power working through another preacher, Peter, in a special way. Simon can't resist the temptation. There he goes, running down the street to his house. I wonder what he is going to do? Here he comes running back again with a bag full of money. What is he doing now? I can't believe it! He is trying to give the money to Peter so that he can buy the power of God!   Did you see how Peter answered him, so roughly? Look at how Simon is kneeling in the street and looking down at the ground. Now he is ashamed because he never thought of what a foolish thing he was doing. God is showing Simon what is inside of his heart. The Lord has to show everyone what is inside their heart so they can know the difference between what is important and what is not.

Taken from Acts 8

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