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I John Outline

Written by: Chapman, Don    Posted on: 05/06/2003

Category: Bible Studies

Source: CCN

                          I John Outline                       by Pastor Don Chapman                               2-6-87

I.    Introduction  1:1-4       A) The importance of doctrine  1:1-2       B) Doctrine is the basis of having fellowship           with God and other believers  1:3       C) The primary reason for this letter  1:4 II.  The requirement for fellowship with God  1:5-10 III.  The second reason for this letter  2:1-2 IV.  How to tell if a believer is in fellowship 2:3-12       A) He will obey the Word of God  2:3-5       B) He will walk as Jesus Christ walked  2:6       C) He will have AGAPE love for other believers 2:7-11 V.    The reason John took the time to write to these       believers  2:12-14 VI.  Exhortation to not be worldly  2:15-17 VII.  Signs of the last days  2:18-23       A) Many antiChrists  2:18       B) Many people will leave local churches 2:19-20       C) People will deny the true nature of Christ  2:21-23 VIII. Exhortation to cling to the true doctrine about the       nature of Christ  2:24-27 IX.  Exhortation to stay in fellowship in order to be prepared       for the Rapture  2:28-29 X.    Believers who are prepared for the Rapture are different from       the world  3:1-24       A) They respond to God  3:1a       B) The world does not understand them  3:1b       C) They have a hope the world will never have  3:2       D) They keep themselves pure and love other believers  3:3-24 XI.  Warning to not believe everything someone tells you  4:1-6 XII.  Exhortation to love other believers  4:7-21 XIII. Second exhortation to continue to believe in Christ's true       nature  5:1-12 XIV.  Third reason for writing this letter  5:13 XV.  The benefits of staying in fellowship  5:14-17 XVI.  Signs which prove that a believer is in fellowship  5:18-21       A) He is not a slave to sin  5:18       B) He is not a slave to Satan  5:18       C) He is not a slave to the world  5:19       D) He continues to believe in Christ's true nature  5:20-21

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