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List of articles in the category Ministries
Articles related to Christian Ministries
7 Promises of a Promise Keeper By: Unknown
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: Promise Keepers
Description: The seven promises of a Promise Keeper

Partnership that Transforms Our Understanding of Mission: A Case Study from Acts By: Robinson, Dick
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: missions church missionary Acts
Description: God is sovereign. He reigns victorious over the all the earth. He alone is Lord. The church is missionary. That is its calling. The church is called out of the world in order to be sent back into the world. It is to be not of the world, so that it can be in the world as the change-agent. Those are Jesus’ words, recorded in John’s missionary text.1 The church is invited by the Holy Spirit to send apostolic teams comprised of its best and its brightest to change the world.

In Category: Ministries
Keywords: technology ministry
Description: "The winds of technology are blowing through various ministries in the church..."

The Decline of the Text By: Larsen, David L.
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: preaching interpretation
Description: It is crystal-clear as we examine church history that the subordination of the text to anything else leads inevitably to the serious devaluation of preaching and the loss of its effective edge.

The Difference Between a Church and a Messianic Synagogue By: Wolf, Messianic Rabbi Michael
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: church messianic synagogue judaism
Description: The article discusses the discuss differences between churches and Messianic synagogues.

The Multiplex Congregation: ... By: Sack, Michael
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: generations ministry
Description: Characteristics of the four generations represented in congregations. (note: written in 1995)

The New Christian Man By: Rabey, Steve
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: Promise Keepers men's ministry
Description: An article on the effects of Promise Keepers and the Christian men's movement

THE POTTER'S HOUSE By: Schlesinger, Dan R.
In Category: Ministries
Keywords: The Potter's House spiritual gifts
Description: An examination of The Potter's House ministry